Meet Our Team

Kenneth Wildes


“A hairdresser is like a fine tailor, working with texture and shape to create your perfect style.

My creative cutting technique begins with carefully studying the natural growth direction and texture of hair, the shape of the head, facial structure, and eyes to choose the proper methods to cut your unique look. I specialize in what has become known as The Kenny Cut ~ a practice that begins with the bone structure of the head and face and ends in styles that range from short, sexy, and sculptural to long, dynamic, and voluminous.

It is my absolute passion to transform your look to achieve personal beauty goals consistent with your identity, both while you are in my chair and styling at home.”



“I’m Kristin Wildes, and I have worked in this industry for over 30 years, joining Kenneth Wildes Salons in 1989. My goal as a stylist is to deliver on your personal brand of beauty, so you feel great about your look every day in every situation. I strive to transform your style so that you can easily recreate it at home.

I also strive to help clients achieve and maintain hair health. There is a vast selection of prescriptive treatments for hair health issues brought about by harsh chemical treatments, heat damage, nutritional deficits, and more. I have worked with these solutions for many years and bring that experience to every appointment to ensure my clients have the healthiest hair possible. I also specialize in rejuvenating thinning hair and work closely with Medi Tresse in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a medical practice specializing in hair loss treatments, to collaborate on behalf of clients experiencing hair thinning or loss. Taking my clients on a journey of hair wellness ~ whatever the issue ~ is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job!”