Fall into Changing It Up!

Fall Hair Trends

As weather cools, new shades and styles get hot.

Just like fashion, hair must keep up with the trends of the season! Runways are lighting up with fall’s new palette. Cool pinks and sorbets, a gamut of grays, tonal wine shades, brighter greens and our tried and true midnight black are all taking center stage.

The arrival of brisk weather also alters the way we dress, with lightweight flowing styles of summer giving way to bulkier high necks, coat collars and scarves. 

These transitions have a big impact on new color and cut inspirations for hair. Here’s what we’re seeing to spark up your new look:

  • The length of your hair needs to accommodate wardrobe changes to fall right. Often times, short goes shorter and long, longer to adjust for heavier necklines, fabrics and layers.
  • Overall color has to keep step. As sun-kissed skin fades to paler tones, it’s easy to go from healthy looking to washed out. Deepening hair color and makeup to richer shades helps to strike the right contrast and keep balance to your ideal color spectrum.
  • Highlights need tweaking. This year we’re seeing chunkier highlights all around. Blondes neutralize their summer golds with cooler tones and an ashier base. Gutsy blondes are going all in on “Peekaboo,” with darker tones underneath lighter outer layers to create dimension. Twilighting shades bring depth to flatter tones. Widening the root base with warm dark color gives a new, fresh and edgier look.
  • Treatment is key to reverse summer-damaged and Covid-stressed hair. Steven Nguyen, Director of Color at KWS, recommends glossing summer strands into fall with in-salon treatments and home care using products like Kerastase, Oribe, B3 and Olaplex. Ask your stylist for advice on the right choices for the texture and condition of your hair.

A good stylist can translate the newest trends in fashion to hone your look for the changing seasons.

And, as always,  I’m here and happy to help.

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