Tools of the Trade

Complementing your At-Home Haircare Routine

So many of you remark to me that you feel great when leaving your hair appointment, but you struggle to recreate your Salon-quality style when on your own.

My last post addressed the at-home haircare product routine you can follow to keep your hair looking its best. This post is Part 2 on your at-home haircare routine and features the hair tools I recommend to help you achieve Salon styling results at home.

I’m going to give you my greatest hits list below with one caveat: 

You need to consult with your stylist to tailor your choices to your specific hair type, condition, and style. In addition, any tool you choose will do the job. It just depends on how well it performs and how long it takes to get your desired results. It also really matters how your tools feel to you.

If you want a luxury look, you need luxury tools.

What we use in Salon is fine equipment that produces fine results. Here’s what my experience has led me to choose, both in Salon and as recommendations to my clients:

  • Blow-Dryers ~ Weight, power, and feel are important considerations when selecting this foundational tool. The dyson units are pricey but are precise and truly born of innovation. The CONAIR units are at the other end of the spectrum and provide a nice range of products but have a less-than-impressive lifespan, especially if they are dropped. My favorite blow-dryer line is the BaBylissPRO, offering a light unit with an effective combination of power, speed, and design for maximum results. They also offer a 4-year warranty. I also like the ghd line for their lightweight and ergonomically balanced performance. The key with blow dryers is to replace them when you see the signs of hair singeing while drying.  It’s either damaged from a drop or you’ve had it too long.

  • Curling Irons ~ I really like the ghd Creative Curl wand.  It heats up quickly and has a wand that tapers from base to tip. This allows you to create curls that range from soft beach waves to tighter coils. And it has a cool tip end to prevent burns to your neck or face. They also feature a half-barrel that is great for achieving the beach wave look.

  • Flat Irons ~ The ghd line offers great quality at different price points. They deliver even heat across the whole plate and come pre-set to a temperature safe and optimal for styling all hair types. They are designed with universal voltage so it’s a superb choice for those of you who travel internationally. They feature long cords with 360-degree swivel for maximum styling mobility and automatic shut off after 30 minutes for those of you who forget and go!

  • Brushes ~ I’ve said here before that the Rolls Royce of brushes and combs for at-home care is Mason Pearson. They excel in paddle brush designs. Keeping your brushes cleaned and sanitized is key to their longevity and to keeping accumulated bacteria from re-depositing into your hair and scalp. Go for a boar bristle. It really brings the natural oils down from the scalp through the hair shaft to build luster. Care well for them and they will last you a lifetime. In Salon, for styling specific looks, I like GHD round brushes for gentle curls,  Ergo brushes specially designed for color-treated, highlighted, or fragile hair, and Cricket Technique ionic ceramic brushes as a choice for all hair types.

As always, thank you for being a part of our HairLine community.

This will be my last post of 2021 as we all move into the busy holiday season. I’ll be back in January with our next installment. In the meantime, please continue to send in your interests and ideas for future topics here.

I wish you all happy, healthy, and safe holidays. Here’s to 2022!